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Egypt is one of the most visited countries in Africa. This is mainly due to the fact that vacationers can discover a large number of very important sights here. In hardly any other country in the world there are so many testimonies to a culture that is thousands of years old as in Egypt.

The historical and cultural roots of today’s Egypt go back to one of the oldest advanced cultures in human history. Let yourself be inspired!

Kairo Pyramiden von Gizeh, Kairo Touren
Nil und Cairo Tower
Cairo View, Kairo Aussucht


Cairo Tours

Why visit Cairo?

Too often you hear people say they’ve been to Egypt but all they did was go to a beach resort and stay there for no more than a week.

It might be nice, but it’s definitely not an authentic Egyptian experience!

In our opinion, one cannot say that one has been to Egypt without having spent some time in Cairo: this really leads people into the hectic Egyptian life, along with its many contrasts and its real culture, its food and its habits.

There is a lot to see in Cairo and just as many opposites: luxury and poverty, culture and ignorance, beauty and ugliness, the kindest and most dishonest people in the world and so on.

On our excursions we will show you the most important main attractions of Cairo such as: the Pyramids of Giza & Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square, Cairo Citadel & Muhammad Ali Mosque, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, and much more.

We offer various tours from Hurghada to Cairo. On request, we will of course put together your own personal program.

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Luxor Tours

While the pyramids are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Egypt, 650 km south of it is the true gem of antiquity. When you visit Luxor, you will be transported to a time of gods and pharaohs, temples and tombs, myths and golden treasures.

Luxor is divided into an East and a West Bank by the Nile. Both – of vital importance to the ancient Egyptian people. The most important god at that time was Amun and like many other great gods he was the god of the sun.

So the east bank (where the sun rises) was naturally the place for the living. Downtown is here and the two temples on this side of the river were built to celebrate life and the sun.

Don’t miss a tour to Luxor! We are happy to accompany you.

Hatshepsut Tempel Luxor
Luxor Tempel
Abu Simbel Tempel
Alexandria Zitadelle

Combined excursion packages


Egypt is a very fascinating country: While the sand of the Sahara desert covers a large part of the country, the Nile River creates fertile oases on its banks and thus enabled Egypt to develop into a high culture. Get up close to the myth of the old country on one of our small combination packages in Egypt.

No matter if from Hurghada, El Gouna or wherever you are in Egypt. We will put together your own personal program according to your wishes.

A combined excursion package offers you plenty of culture and history. A beach holiday in the hotel is certainly great, but to get to know the country and its people and their history and culture better, you should definitely not miss out on such a combined excursion package!